ZenCog Shop Staff

Cyclists. Mechanical Magicians. Artists. Brewers. Musicians. Activists.

Like any kin, the ZenCog family welcomes new members and bids adieu to those moving on, but Mama always said we were bad at goodbyes. We’re a hodgepodge of personalities, but we all share a disturbing obsession with bikes.



Garfield Cooper – Love child of Jimi Hendrix and a steel mill, Owner

Garf’s philosophy is that the best things in life have a little squish….like fat-tire bikes. He’s parlayed that into the sweetest little bike shop in Jacksonville. Arguably the hippest grandpa in town, he helps run the family-paced RAM Ride every Saturday. Garf also mans the soundboard for a variety of music venues and churches around town. His music background and community involvement have helped create a truly neighborly independent bike shop.


Matt Shop Photo.jpg

Matt Bort – Retail Manager

In college, Matt and his buddy Chris Williams started Burro Bags, a messenger bag company, while running Zombie Bikes, Jacksonville’s first work-exchange bike shop. These days, Matt is our Friday all-star, fixing up the most discerning (or confused) adventure cyclists with exactly what they need out on the road or trail.



Milan Algood – Mechanic, vintage steel nut, and brake magician


Milan’s knack for squeezing top performance out of clunkers has resulted in an impressive collection of 80s rigid steel mountain bikes. When not working or riding bikes, he’s practicing with one of his several bands or driving his sketchy van north to climb and bike.


Paul “Wacko” Wackowski – Wheel specialist, mechanic, and custom frame fabricator

Wacko builds some of the strangest and slickest custom bikes you’ll ever see, and even built us a sweet set of sidewalk furniture out of spare parts from classic Schwinns. Check out his work on his website. He’s one of the most talented wheel builders in the region, so if you’re looking to build something bulletproof or just weird, he’s your guy.



Cole Succi  – Mechanic


Cole is a serious bike tourer, and also delivers for the fastest sandwich company around. He started at ZenCog in spring 2015 and has developed his mechanical skills so fast we’re freaking.


Nick Chaya – Mechanic

Nick, too, is a bike touring enthusiast, making his way all over the East Coast on his Surly Long Haul Trucker (bought right here before he joined our staff). He’s currently making plans for a bike tour of Iceland.




Colleen O’Rourke – Mechanic & helmet consultant

Colleen picks up a shift now and then when she’s not busy bouldering at Horse Pens or slangin’ plates at BB’s in San Marco. She’s a badass rock climber and travels frequently for climbing, mountain biking, and off-road touring around the country.


Chris Woolvin

Chris has bikes in his blood. (We had a panel run and his iron levels are dangerously high.) When not wrenching at ZenCog or building up his own dream machines, he’s hanging out with his kids and fixing phone screens.